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Ultrasonic Doppler
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SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler

Our newly innovation, the all-in-one compact handheld Doppler, SD1, is a remarkable member of Edan’s ultrasound Doppler family. Using conventional technology, SD1 breaks through the limitation of the probe angles as well as the depth of the fetal heart. The user can locate the fetal heart rate signal quicker and easier. The extremely low radiation level gives you a safer and more comfortable way during application. In addition, aside with professional clinical usage, SD1 is also a user friendly home-based device that allows you to use it anywhere, everywhere.

 ALL-IN-ONE design
 Built-in speaker
 Digital display of FHR
 Touch panel for easy control
 Built-in Bluetooth
 Volume adjustable
 Android or iOS APP access for tracking baby’s development
 3MHz probe detects fetal heartbeat
 Normal AA batteries for easy replacement
 Automatic power-off for battery power saving
 Pulse wave technology

SD1 without Bluetooth
The economic version, which can satisfy the basic usage for fetal heart rate tracing.

SD1 with Bluetooth
The internal Bluetooth module makes SD1 possible to work with an Android or iOS APP accessing for tracking baby’s development.